On Wednesday, 29/7/2020, from 11:00 am to 02h: 00pm, at Ruli Higher Institute of Health (RHIH) Sainte Rose de Lima, there were a closing ceremony of a workshop organized by institution. It was a successfully training of two months from 1st June to 29th July 2020 for academic staff. It held at main hall of RHIH head quarter. The overall aim of training was to equip academic staff on updated knowledge and skills related to research methodology and Statistical analysis.

Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), Vice Chancellor of RHIH welcome key remarks of the day; He expressed that “ RHIH by 2022 , a scientific production capacity building program will be implemented successfully and furthermore, noted some positive impact are being achieved in academic performance of students and academic staff. RHIH is confident that academic faculty members should improve their professionalism in research skills as soon as possible. Moreover, Students’ performance will be improved because academic staff will continue to be a role model in this way”

It was a great pleasure to be with the Representative of RHIH’s Council and Ruli Parish Priest, MPAWENAYO Gaudiose (Fr.) as well as representative of local authorities Mr. NIZEYIMANA Jean Marie Vianney (Executive Secretary of Ruli Sector).

Mr. NIZEYIMANA JMV (Executive Secretary Ruli Sector) and MPAWENAYO Gaudiose (Fr.) (Representative from RHIH Council who is Ruli Parish priest ) under moderation Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), Vice Chancellor of RHIH.

Mr. Sylvestre NTIRENGANYA (Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and Research), took his time to explain briefly , the motivation, purpose and objective of organizing the workshop where in its introductory message , he mentioned that the Ministry of Education and affiliated institution like Higher Education Council (HEC) has advised all accredited higher learning institutions ( HLIs ) operating in Rwanda to organize the capacity building program among academic staffs during the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance the quality of education .

All academic staff were trained in research methodology by Vice-Chancellor who is an expert in this domain and Statistical software for data analysis were delivered by Mr. MANZI Theotime who is expert in Biostatistics and Epidemiology. He shared experiences in quantitative data analysis for both descriptive and inferential statistics as well as outputs (Results) interpretation for decision making by using the most common and important statistical analysis software in the field of academic research: SPSS, STATA and R.

Mr. Boniface NSHIMIYIMANA ( RHIH skills lab coordinator and Tutorial assistant), representative of trainees noted in his remark that based on workshop interaction and experience sharing during the event and practical sessions done related to academic writing and referencing as well as manipulation of dataset with different type of variables using SPSS and R , I am confident that my competency in data analysis is improved as other academic staff confirmed and students will be benefited more and facilitated well.

The academic staff are ready to transmit and apply the knowledge and skills acquired, in community service as well as in scientific world late for improving the well -being and healthy of society that will contribute in development of society economy.

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and Research awarding different participants by respecting gender- balance represented by Mr. Eric KARERA and Mrs. Jeanne MUKASINE

Provision of certificate award to RHIH Faculty members

Mr. NIZEYIMANA JMV (Executive Secretary of Ruli Sector) during his speech appreciate the positive contribution of RHIH in improving the well- being and healthy of surrounding community

through its outreach program carrying out in near area. He appreciate the existing partnership between RHIH and local authorities. He requested the RHIH particularly academic staff to stand and shine by producing the quality of data that will drive our prioritization, decision-making on proper interventions to be implemented in community to ensure the human security in all aspect including health.

Mr. NIZEYIMANA Jean Marie Vianney (Executive Secretary of Ruli Sector who was the Guest of Honor) while deliver his remarks during ceremony.

In conclusion, HLIs everywhere including RHIH are being forced to carefully reconsider their role in society and to evaluate the relationships with their various constituencies, stakeholders, and communities. RHIH will consider this training as a continuous process and closely monitoring the implementation of skills learnt during academic process for all staff who will inspire the students to follow the same rhythm even after graduation. Pursuing this process, the role of higher education including quality education that meets the interest of students, community services as well as research activities will be reached for addressing variety of community needs using scientific way.