After   4years of starting the institution ( 2017),  RHIH  carry out  the first  graduation  of 213 students( 2013-2014 intake as well as  2014-2015 intake respectively)   and later September 2018, the second graduation took place  with   126 graduands  from General nursing and Midwifery.   Up to the moment the RHIH counting the total graduands of 339. The health system is experiencing the shortage of staff   as one reason for opening many private institutions to train the competent health personnel and the institution committed to keep contributing in filling the current gap existing in entire Rwanda healthcare system.

It is against this background, Research department conducted a tracer study which is a retrospective analyses of graduates through a standardized survey, which takes place sometime after graduation (normally between 6 months and 3 years).
It provided information that is valuable for all these actors; and this helps to inspire
education, training and employment policies, curricula of education and training courses, guidance to help individuals decide on their education or training paths, and clearer judgments about (re)- skilling the labor  force.

The aim of this survey was to evaluate the impact of the training programme among graduands’ development from RHIH, With specific objectives of; to determine the prevalence of graduands that have a job in nursing career,   the rate of graduands’ in serving the population, to evaluate if granduands found that the skills gained at RHIH meets the requirements of the job, and to assess their willingness to return for further higher level to the institution (RHIH).


The survey was conducted in the period of 2 months (June-July /2019). The information were collected via cell phone from all granduands

The Findings of survey showed that among three cohorts with a total of 339 granduands; the majority 99% have a job in career while only 1% do not have a job in nursing career. For the view of nursing job expectations the majority also 269(99%) reported that skills gained at RHIH meet the job expectations in between 80 to 100 and the minority 3(1%) reported between 50 to 79.  The findings in the above table also revealed that the majority 324(95%) have a will to continue their higher level at Ruli higher institute of Health. (See appendix table).


The majority of RHIH granduands have a job

The majority of RHIH graduands found that the skills gained at institution meets the work expectations to deliver quality care service to the community

The majority of RHIH graduands wishes to continue their further studies (Nursing A0 and even masters) at the institutions (RHIH)

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