On Saturday, 25th September2021, Ruli Higher Institute of Health (RHIH) has celebrated and congregated a ceremony of 4th cohort graduation where 72 students were qualified for the award of the advanced Diploma in General Nursing. The graduation and issuing the academic award are among the key for entering in labor market competition.

The day was a special and started by mass celebrated at Ruli Parish Saint Dominique from 8h-10h: 00 AM. Many guests   from different institution both public and private were hosted at our institution.

It was a great pleasure to have His Eminence Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA who is the Chancellor of RHIH Saint Rose de Lima and Archbishop of Kigali; The representative of the Government of Rwanda (GoR), Rwanda National Police (RNP) and Rwanda Defense Force (RDF) and representative of Local authorities headed by Jean Marie Vianney NIZEYIMANA, Executive Secretary of Ruli Sector. It was also privileged and delighted to have other dignitaries while celebrating with all RHIH staff as well as institution’s neighbors’ representative.

The hardly efforts ever managed    from different partners such as selected student’s parents, generous developing partners were present.

Under moderation Mr. Marcelin (MC), the entertainment of ceremony started with academic procession headed by Mr. Sylvestre NTIRENGANYA (Deputy Vice Chancellor of academic affairs and research) and selected representative of students, Graduands, Academic Staff and Council members.

Photo showing academic procession headed by Mr. Sylvestre NTIRENGANYA (Deputy Vice Chancellor of academic affairs and research), representative of students, Graduands, Academic Staff and Council members.

TWIZEYUMUREMYI Donatien (Fr.),The  Chairperson of RHIH Council , welcomed all participants and provide the key remarks on overview of RHIH and ended by  the activity of constitutes of 4th  graduation  congregation by saying “ By Virtue of the authority vested in me, I constitute this assembly  into a congregation of RHIH Saint Rose de Lima” Thank you”.

In the same line, Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), The Vice Chancellor, Provided  the  welcome speech where he started by thanking all graduands ; Lecturers who gave students  holistic and integral learning ,by  taking into consideration  the theoretical  and practical  fusion  in Nursing Sciences. He continued by   reminding the vision of RHIH WHICH is to train competent and professional nurses and midwives become a reality.

Photo showing Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), The Vice Chancellor, while providing welcome and key words on RHIH Perspective

Furthermore, the success of our students on licensing examination at the rate of 99% in 2019, 100% in 2020, and 100% in 2021 is irrefutable proof of the quality of learning provided to our students in RHIH. RHIH target, above all, is not only the accumulation of knowledge about health like the diagnosis, of diseases and know how to prevent and cure them. Our fundamental goal  is to look after  and take care  of the patient ; As Pope  Francis  call us  d through the message delivered for the  29th World day of the sick that took place on 11/02/2021,“ to devote  special attention to the sick and to those  who provide them  with assistance and care both  in healthcare institutions, within families and communities”. He promised all students  by considering their  efforts in studying and establishment  of the necessary  for the quality  of education  in nursing sciences, RHIH will not stop requesting  the state and enabling authorities to grant  the institute  the second  university level  of Bachelor’s  degree in General Nursing Sciences and Bachelor’s  degree in Midwifery. He expressed that all RHIH efforts are  directed toward  to   Bachelor’s  degree  Accreditation  , so that   it  continues  to provide  the qualitative  learning and training  in Nursing and Midwifery Science, a training which will  be crowned  by a degree   capable  of allowing   students  to face  against the challenges  experienced by health sector  in Rwanda, Africa  and beyond with with spirit of critical thinking, ability to carry out  operational research  as well as evidence based health interventions  with  advanced skills.

Above photo is showing RHIH graduands in 4th graduation ceremony while committing the excellence work and professionalism  though Oath

Conferment of Advanced Diploma  in General Nursing  to Graduands by  RHIH  Chancellor by saying  that “ By virtue of the authority  vested in me, and knowing that you have satisfied  the Senate requirements  in all subjects for which  you were  enrolled, trained, and examined, I award you respectively, the advanced Diploma in General Nursing”   and at the same time  he awarded   the best performers among Graduands  named  Miss. SIBOYO Concorde  and Mr. CYUBAHIRO Azarias.

Photo showing His Eminence Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA who is the Chancellor of RHIH Saint Rose de Lima and Archbishop of Kigali during the process of awarding   the best performers among Graduands named Miss. SIBOYO Concorde and Mr. CYUBAHIRO Azarias

Mr. Cyubahiro Azarias, as a graduand’s representative, announced his deep joy on behalf of all graduands where he thanks the role of Government of Rwanda for being students, role of parents in supporting the education of his classmate. He appreciated RHIH as a highest school that provided the needed knowledge and skills for helping the patients and ensuring wellbeing of Rwandan society. He continued by requesting RHIH authorities and their partners   to  upgrade the qualification being issues from Advanced Diploma to Bachelor and all students showed an interest to come back for continuing the  further studies in RHIH.

Additionally, Chancellor Speeches supported the ideas expressed by representative of graduants regarding on quality of education at RHIH. He mentioned on lesson learnt from current pandemic where COVID 19 showed to everyone what a life is because the health personal were overloaded due to many cases worldwide but God helped a lot for serving life. Everything goes well once the life is stable without disturbance.

Photo showing His Eminence Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA, Chancellor of RHIH Saint Rose de Lima and Archbishop of Kigali while delivering the speech dedicated to the ceremony

He tell the graduands that they in front of serving life and they were in special courses preparing for that. He reminded that all job were stopped during pandemic except healthcare providers who worked 24/24hours and 7/7Days for serving life in their ability and he thanks them for their sacrifice and talent of help. He appreciated hard work done by administrative and academic staff for their great Job for getting a good pass rate. He continued by saying the doctrine of Catholic health related institutions including RHIH toward serving population and protecting their life. He emphasized on Role of Customer care in curing the patients.

He announced that RHIH is end phase of getting accreditation Bachelor of Sciences with Honor in General nursing and Bachelor of Sciences with Honor in Midwifery with our collaboration with Ministry of Education through HEC and these new program will be quickly granted and could meet the expectations of our students and community at large. His Eminence Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA, ended his speech by calling the Guest of Honor for delivering the speech.

The guest of honor was Mrs. Catherine Uwimana, Vice Mayor of Social Affairs in Gakenke District, appreciated a good partnership of Rwanda Catholic in education sector and development of healthcare system in Gakenke District and Countrywide. She appreciated the excellence contribution of RHIH on well-being of Ruli Sector community in particularly. RHIH contribute in educating the population on diseases prevention for good hygiene and sanitation and other different diseases including fight against malnutrition.

Photo is showing Mrs. Catherine UWIMANA, the guest of honor, Vice Mayor of Social Affairs in Gakenke District during ceremony while providing her message from Government of Rwanda

She appreciated the good collaboration and partnership between RHIH and Ministry of Education for re-opening the institute among first  track during COVID-19 pandemic  and they fullfilled all requirements for fight against  Pandemic  and in the same line , she hoped that Ministry of Education will accredited Bachelor Program soonest possible for upgrading current Diploma . She requested the Institute to extend their opportunities in EAC and beyond for their students who are competitive at all level, since Government has created a room for more opportunities. She requested the graduants to keep building the Rwanda nation in order ensure the citizens’ life through knowledge and skills gained at school. She requested them to be the solutions of their daily life, parents and Rwandan in generally. She appreciated a good behavior of students in fight against current pandemic in community of Ruli Sector and beyond.  She concluded her remarks by requesting parents, teachers and students by encouraging the graduants for further studies. Journey is starting in academia. She mentioned a good behavior of a good nurse who has   a good vision characterized by professionalism by taking care of patients by respecting norms and Values of Rwanda.

The Chairperson of RHIH Council dissolved the congregation and reception was started in specific places.

Photo showing His Eminence Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA, Chancellor of RHIH Saint Rose de Lima and Archbishop of Kigali while blessing all participants of 4th graduation ceremony through  praying.