Student’s clubs and Association


The institute through student welfare service has an essential mission of development of students, by improvement the progress of students to, knowledge, cultural, sport and well-being of the students.

Ruli Higher Institute of Health Students Union (RHIH-SU) Committee

Students’ Union


Student Engagement is designed to enhance the co-curricular life of the community and help students become more involved with school events. We encourage students to participate in clubs, and organization of events.

RHIH-SU Committee and Duties

Because of significance of student union each student registered at RHIH it will be automatically signed as a member of RHIH-SU.
For the good management of this association the member elect the committee (RHIH-SU Committee) which in collaboration with student affairs services, have the responsibility of good management of other students.

RHIH-SU Committee

The members of student leadership are the following:

  •  the President
  •  the vice-president
  •  the secretary
  •  social affairs in charge
  •  academic in charge
  •  Gender in charge
  •  Accountant
  •  security in charge
  •  Sport, culture and entertainment in charge.

In addition to the student union we have:

  • Representatives in council of RHIH elected among all students
  • Class representatives (2 members for each level) elected by class members
  • Different Committee for each category of activity
  • Aid students in their transition With students
  • Expose students to the services and educationally enriching opportunities at Institute
  • Integrate new students into the Institute
  • Relate well with students, family members, faculty, and college administrators
  • Be reliable, responsible, confident, and willing to help
  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Be extremely flexible

Clubs and associations

Clubs and association help student in building of confidence, knowledge about institute life. These associations expose students to the diversity which give access to confidence, and sharing of ideas. Those associations and clubs must respect student activities policies.
Club and association of student can be recognized in the following categories:

  • Academic: groups that provide an opportunity to discuss and share information related to a specific academic discipline or career.
  • Club Sport: groups that provide opportunities for participation in recreational and/or competitive sports teams.
  • Multicultural: groups that provide an opportunity to increase campus understanding of a specific culture(s), provide students with an avenue to explore and celebrate their own cultural heritage.
  • Music/Performing Arts: groups that provide opportunities for involvement and exposure to the performing arts (music, dance, theater).
  • Religious/Spiritual: groups representing diverse faith communities and belief systems that observe and follow religious and/or spiritual practices

Ruli Higher Institute of Health Troupe Team

Sport and Recreation

The institute encourages students by facilitating them to several physical benefits include maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding chronic diseases and getting the assistances necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Through the student welfare officer and with the student union representative we organize sport and culture event within the school, and both male and female shall be encourages to participate to those event. We organize and participate also in competition between within the school and outside the campus. You can find at school different games like football, basketball, and volley ball.