Scope and Clusters of Research

Scope and Clusters of Research, Innovation, Publication & Consultancy in RHIH

In a bid to support the decision making in health care, the Ruli Higher Institute of Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH) has established a department of Research, Innovation, Publication & Consultancy to conduct community-based health researches, assessments, consultancies and field interventions. Department is aiming to contribute in the understanding of health challenges and health goals of the community.

Our team of experts conduct research to improve health and well-being of rural communities that are exposed to health risks and are not well equipped for an appropriate resilience. Research activities will cover various areas such as:

1.      Nursing and midwifery education, nursing and midwifery practice, and nursing and midwifery administration.
2.       Primary health care needs,
3.      Health preventive and promotive measures,
4.      Accessibility and acceptability of health services.

5.      Health attitude, knowledge, implementation science, and quality improvement.

The RHIH strives to create an enabling environment for researchers to be committed to the optimal standards of excellence in research and to communicating results to all stakeholders as well as to the general public and communities.


Research, Innovation, Publication & Consultancy Office