On Thursday, 24/06/2021, Ruli Higher Institute of Health (RHIH) has been visited by NYIRARUGERO Dancilla., Governor of the Northern Province, and other delegates such as Mayor of Gakenke District, Vice Mayor for social affairs in Gakenke District, Representative of Rwanda National Police etc… . On arrival, Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), Vice Chancellor of RHIH, provide warm welcome to the guests. The guest of honor and delegate visitors did a round tour in the different areas of institute.

The Guest of honor and Delegates during Round tour in RHIH environment

The Governor of Northern Province as an specialist in education and a senior lecturer in Higher Learning Institute in Rwanda, was interested to see the structure of curriculum and how it is implemented for meeting the students expectations and solving the community health problem faced by the populations in Northern province as one Higher Learning Institute that train health professional in entire Northern province. She requested full details in learning process and competences outcome for the students at their graduations for awarding their diploma. She was satisfied with all explanation provided and was happy to understand that RHIH students used to get a good marks with success in licensing examination. The visitors visited computer laboratory, nursing skills Laboratory, Midwifery skills Laboratory and Library   as tools that promoting the practical sessions during the studying of General Nursing and midwifery sciences.

The guest of honor in exploring the practical sessions that took place in Nursing skills Laboratory by moving on each stations from starting to the end

The guest of honor  in exploring the practical sessions that took place in  Midwifery skills Laboratory by moving on each stations from mother conception(BY losing their last normal menses ) up to  the delivery  with new born in good life  as well as post- delivery maternal child care

They appreciated the good environment that promote and stimulating the learning process.

In Public talk with selected students ,The guest of honor , requested the students  to be motivated  and courageous  in their learning process  and end their studying programmes  with  appropriate and needed knowledge and practical skills  that will help their  personal development  and  country as well.

The guest of honor in RHIH main hall while talking with RHIH students

She reminded all students on Current pandemic of COVID-19 that faced by all populations. She continued by telling them as the health professionals, you must play a primordial role in sensibilization and mobilization of others from surrounding community in fight against this pandemic. She ended her speech by reminding the students as energetic youth and future generation of Rwanda, to be patriotic and having Disciplines and Values of a good Rwandan Citizen.

The Vice Chancellor  in concluding remarks,  started by thanking the guest of honor and the delegates and  give  forever welcome  within institute  and always  feel like their  respective homes  and  requested  the frequent visit to see  the  development of the institute and its impact in surrounding community.