RHIH Alumni integrated in COVID-19 vaccination program at Ruli District Hospital

RHIH Alumni integrated in COVID-19 vaccination program at Ruli District Hospital, Gakenke

A big boost to the Rwanda country’s battle against coronavirus is to have an access on Covid-19 vaccines (AstraZeneca and Pfizer) under the Covax facility for helping high risk groups located in high risk zones.

Excellent work during COVID-19 vaccination for first dose have been done successful by Ruli Higher Institute of Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH) Alumni members. They played a primordial role in that process as responsible for direct intra-muscular (IM) administration of AstraZeneca which is Oxford vaccine produced by the Serum Institute of India. In fact, the   registered nurses  graduated  in 2016  from RHIH  named   Mrs. INGABIRE Marie Jeanette and MANIRARORA  Liliane who are currently are employed at Ruli District Hospital  in different departments, have been selected  by Hospital administration among more than 150  health professionals working  at  that facility   for serving in intensive work of two days  from Friday ,06th  to 07th March 2021 .

Mrs. INGABIRE Marie Jeanette and MANIRARORA Liliane (RHIH Alumni members) under COVID-19 vaccination program at site of Ruli District Hospital

The aim of rigorous invaluable work was to vaccinate front-line workers as the targeted groups in first phase of vaccination program in Rwanda such as healthcare workers operating in different levels of healthcare system.

The writer of this event, was very happy to receive a good service from them prior, during and post vaccine administration and he reflected immediately on positive impact of academic training program undertaken by these nurses   from 2013 to 2016 in RHIH environment.  A short discussion done with them, they confirmed that “ they are proud to be a good committed registered nurse trained at RHIH with advanced diploma in General Nursing  and they are wishing to upgrade up to Bachelor level for having  advanced critical thinking  that enable them to solve the  complex  clinical  problems faced  by patients for their better outcome”.