On Monday, 29/03/2021, from 8h00 to 17h00, Ruli Higher institute of Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH) hosted a one day workshop that took place at RHIH Main Hall with 24 participants from different institutions. The theme of workshop entitled “VALIDATION OF MIDWIFERLY CURRICURUM FOR BACHELOR WITH HORNERS IN MIDWIFERLY PROGRAMME”.

Under moderation of Mr. ABAZIMANA Deny, Academic quality Assurance officer at RHIH, welcomed Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), Vice Chancellor of Ruli Higher institute of Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH) who started by playing and official opening the workshop.

In opening remarks, he initiated his speech by thanking all participants from different institutions both regulatory bodies and Higher Learning institution operating in Rwanda with duties and responsibilities to train. Regulate and advocate for well being of midwives from their enrollment within the professionals and during working period as professionals after being licensed.

Photo is showing all participants  while they are being introduced   during welcoming remarks of Workshop

He continued by mentioning the participants and their respective affiliated institutions. He appreciated the special support provided by higher learning institutions   such as University of Rwanda-College of Medicine and health sciences – especially school of nursing and midwifery where they avail their senior consultant experts in midwifery like Dr. UWIMANA Marie Chantal, PhD, RMDW (Team Leader), Dr. Oliva BAZIRETE, PhD in Midwifery-Ongoing program, Mrs. Olive TENGERA, Head of department/Midwifery and Kibogora Polytechnic that provided Mr. Chris Adrien  KANAKUZE , Head of department/Midwifery for invaluable inputs for finalizing the training curriculum. He persistent on role played by professional   regulatory bodies and union in development of midwifery through their regulation and advocate to overcome midwifery current challenges. In that line, he appreciated upon Mrs. Juliet N. MUKANKUSI, Rwanda association of midwives (RAM) representative as well as Mr. BISANUKURI Evergiste who is coordinator of research and education in Rwanda nursing and midwifery union (RNMU). Finally, he appreciated the RHIH academic and administrative staff who participated in the workshop. For their efforts.

He pursuit the message by explaining the purpose of being invited in the workshop including but not limited to providing their inputs on developed curriculum for training Midwives at Bachelor level programme. He noted that  RHIH would like  to train  midwives where at their exit , will  have the knowledge and practical skills associated with  advanced critical thinking  that render them  to contribute  in reduction of higher rate  of maternal child  and new born  mortality.

He call upon every participant to participate actively in workshop and provide their criticism opinion for better outcome of the workshop.

The workshop started immediately by presentation done by  Mrs. INGABIRE Marie Jeanne, RHIH Midwifery Head of Department who presented an overview on training of midwives at RHIH from Historical and current perspectives where she focused on teaching and learning process for getting the competent and skilled Midwives.

Image showing Mrs. INGABIRE Marie Jeanne, RHIH Midwifery Head of Department while providing overview of  Midwifery  training from historical perspective

Dr. UWIMANA Marie Chantal, PhD, RMDW (Team Leader), knowledgeable midwifery , presented the   content of Midwifery curriculum for Bachelor  part by part, page by page, paragraph by paragraph  initiated by  program proposal form , program specification form  and Module description  and each part has been  separated by  open discussion   facilitated by Mr. Sylvestre NTIRENGANYA, Deputy Vice Chancellor of academic affair  and research  who read at closer time,  the all inputs and missing information  which will be considered in finalizing the document.

Photo showing Dr. UWIMANA Marie Chantal, PhD, Team Leader while presenting the different parts of developed Curriculum  for training midwives at Bachelor Level

Arguments, opinions by considering different aspects such as HEC standards, evidence from current research and past clinical practice, implementers of curriculum in higher learning institute, regulatory bodies and professional unions were welcomed and considered for finalizing the documents. All ideas were considered in order to mitigate the past challenge and avoid future re-occurrence.

Photo show Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), Vice Chancellor of Ruli Higher institute of Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH), while providing his opinions on presented curriculum

The workshop ended by reading all comments and RHIH has recommended if advocacy should be done for mitigating the current shortage of midwives in labor market and if policy can let the nurses with positive will with experiences to work in maternity should be allowed to study in midwifery and one part of solution will be in reach because, Majority of hospital are using nurses in maternity and Neonatology which is different from international standards. Entry criteria should be harmonized from HEC and regulatory bodies.

In closing ceremony, Dr. DUSHIMIYIMANA Innocent (Fr.), Vice Chancellor of Ruli Higher institute of Health Saint Rose de Lima (RHIH), thanks again all participants and appreciate to their positive will in helping the country of Rwanda through developing this valuable curriculum. He appreciated a good partnership with other universities once they are invited for supporting each other in improving the quality of education.